Pile of GiftsNYC in December is magical for many reasons—the twinkling lights, ice skating in Central Park, the hipster exodus back to sedate flyover suburbs. Even the Canal Street subway ceases its assault on your olfactory system, as if suddenly perfumed by the holiday spirit.

But you know what isn’t so magical? Lugging your packages to the post office. Even worse—getting a little pink notice telling you to pick up your package delivery…in Queens. That’s a long way to go for one of grandma’s knit tea cozies.

Yet fear not, deal New Yorker! Manhattan Mini Storage is here to handle your packages! And this year, we’re not only offering our standard package acceptance, but we’re also setting up UPS drop boxes at select locations. That’s right—you can make it through the entire holiday season without ever setting foot into a post office. How’s that for good cheer?package acceptance

Need a package signed for? Sign up for free package acceptance at your Manhattan Mini location. All the benefits of having a doorman, sans the silent judgement of your dating life.

Need to drop off a package? Head to the Manhattan Mini Storage locations with UPS drop-off at 520 W. 17th Street or 161 Varick Street with your packed, sealed package with UPS address and postage labels. From these sites, you can:

o   Ship to domestic and international locations

o   Declare a value for packages (maximum value of US$500)

o   Drop off packages up to 16in. x 13in. x 3in

You can buy shipping supplies on-site, but will have to pack, seal, and label your UPS package before it goes into the drop box. Please note that standard high value and hazardous material shipment restrictions apply. (Assuming you’re sending your niece a Matisse or a series of decaying car batteries for Chanukah, you should be good.)

Speaking of decaying car batteries, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had to schlep to the Post Office to pick up? We’d love to know.