Remember that summer you moved into your apartment? You had scrimped and saved every penny so you could finally live your dream life in Manhattan. Helpful leftovers from dorm life suddenly came in handy again in your humble yet uncompromising, pint-sized abode: Collapsible hangers, that hanging shoe rack, and of course, the bin. You know that bin you shoved into your closet that was perfect for those old Madonna CDs you could’t bear to part with. It was also great for those ancient tax returns you couldn’t bear to look at. Toss in the one rollerblade you wouldn’t throw out (because the other one is sure to turn up one day), letters from your first love, t-shirts that will certainly fit again when you lose weight and so forth.


Although you started using the bin with the best of intentions, suddenly the top wouldn’t fit on it, because you just couldn’t bear to part with those back issues of Vogue. As the months go by, your beloved belongings spilled out of that bin and took over your closet like a charmless ivy, growing in an infinite chaos. You could either refuse to ever have guests over to your apartment again, or you could take a deep breath and learn your next life lesson: Not everything fits into a bin.


Before you give up and go back to bed, recognize that you’re not alone; the problem you’re having is a veritable epidemic in New York City. Unless you’re privy to a cushy trust fund, chances are your closet is the size of a Tic Tac. But fear not. This seemingly life-shattering problem is easier to solve than deciding what to eat on your cheat day.


Storage as low as $29!

For just $29.00 per month, Manhattan Mini Storage will give you your very own Personal Closet for, the dimensions of which are approximately 4 ft. wide by 4 ft. deep by 4 ft. high, for one year. That’s 64 delicious cubic feet of space! Can you imagine how many bins you could fit in that? The Personal Closet provides room for 15-20 medium boxes.

And at $29.00 a month? That’s about the same price as two packs of cigarettes, and you shouldn’t be smoking anyway. Or one and a half Grey Goose Martinis. Or four Frappuccinos. Your peace of mind is worth way more than that, and when your apartment is clear, so is your head.


Take Advantage of our Free Storage TaxiNew Storage Taxi 041014

While we’re on the subject, let’s face it: One of the worst things about living in Manhattan is schlepping stuff from place to place. There’s nothing more aggravating than standing on the street with a stack of boxes or your arms full of packages, trying to hail a cab. That’s why we offer our free Storage Taxi! It’s an over-sized minivan with no seats in the back that picks you and your belongings up and gives you a free ride to your storage space. Use it as often as you like, from your initial move-in onward.

Starting at 8 AM and running until 9 PM, our Storage Taxi is like having a friend with a minivan, only you don’t have to buy them pizza afterwards. Just book a few days in advance, and save that money you would’ve used on a cab ride to take yourself out to lunch. And we would never dream of charging you more money to get your stuff back!


You Don’t Need to Tip the Doorman

If you don’t have a doorman, deliveries in New York City operate on an honor system. Delivered items are often left in hallways, on the stairs or outside your door when you’re not home. Ever checked on the status of something you ordered only to find that it was “delivered” and yet isn’t there? Yeah, we thought so.

But never again because Manhattan Mini Storage offers free package acceptance! Let us be your doorman. Simply set up delivery to the location through USP, Fed Ex, or DHL, and we will sign for you and keep your packages secure. Use us as often as you’d like to, completely free! We’ll even pick you up with our free Storage Taxi and bring you to your location. All this and more, starting at just $29.00 per month.


24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

How boring would New York City be if everyone worked 9 to 5? They don’t call it “the City that Never Sleeps” for nothing. At Manhattan Mini Storage, we understand that some of you are having your morning coffee at 3 PM and getting dinner started at midnight. If 7 AM means nothing to you, be sure to take advantage of one our 24-hour locations. Get access to your unit and your stuff whenever you like, at your own convenience. Because who are we to say you won’t need that guitar for a late-night serenade? Your things, on your time.


All we want to do is make your life just a little bit easier. Because if all you needed was a bin, you’d be living in Ohio.


Ready to take advantage of these great storage deals and perks? Reserve your storage space today and check out our $29/month personal storage deals!