Granted we have a few years until 12/20/2012 and the world is, once again, scheduled to come to an end, but are you ready?

According to some panicked sources, it might be time to get prepared!

Here’s Crisis a example: Preparedness Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival

This survival guide is available on Amazon and according to the product description it is:

A complete guide to emergency preparedness for our uncertain times. Virtually an encyclopedia of food storage and personal preparedness, it covers topics from exactly how to design a food storage program tailored for your particular family to growing and preserving food, storing fuel, alternate energy, emergency evacuation kits, medical and dental, surviving biological, chemical and nuclear terrorism, communications, selection of firearms and other survival tools, and preparing for earthquakes. …..An absolute must for those serious about preparing for and surviving during our dangerous times.

It makes one wonder what kind of survival materials one might have in their local Manhattan Mini Storage unit.

That actually would not be a very bad idea. All the necessary items can be safely stored under lock and key, and then, when Armageddon approaches, all you have to do is get to your mini storage unit and go all Rambo like.

If you are not prepared, then you only choice might be to sing like REM: