Greetings Storage Fans! Welcome back.

Having trouble finding stuff in your storage room?

You’re not alone. But we’ve got some great organizing tips to share. Your days of opening 15 boxes to find the soup ladle are officially over!From packing up an entire apartment to just important photo albums, our storage pros have a simple system that works. (Of course, if you’d rather have us do it for you, just call. An extra hand from someone who actually likes doing this stuff always makes life easier.)

Either way, here’s what you can do to keep track of what you pack:

  • Step 1: Make a list of rooms and then add subcategories for each such as “Bedroom- linens” or “Office- electronics”. Set up these rooms and categories before you pack.
  • Step 2: Use a magic marker to assign each room a color – blue for bedroom, yellow for kitchen, etc. Pick a different color for items that you need to access most often. Boxes with this color can then be stored at the front of your unit or in an easily reached spot.
  • Step 3: Pack each room individually. For example, try not to toss kitchen and bedroom in the same box.
  • Step 4: As you pack, keep a running master inventory list for all of your items. Once a box is full, number the box and add the number to the inventory list. Now color code the box and the inventory list. (Make sure you mark all sides of your box with the number and color because you don’t know which side will be visible!) Finally, photocopy the master list page that corresponds to each box and tape it securely to the box’s side.
  • Step 5: On moving day, divide your storage unit into “rooms” and store your boxes together with others of the same color. If you have the space, create aisles inside your unit to make accessing boxes much, much easier. And don’t forget – your easy access colored boxes get moved in last so that they end up right in the front. Brilliant, right? Now, from cheese graters to grandma’s quilt, you know exactly where to look.

This storage organizing  system is simple, flexible and just about foolproof.

Good luck!