Three Reasons Why They Are A Must if You’re Living in the City!

The average suburban-dweller doesn’t usually have to worry about things like hauling heavy groceries home for blocks or neighbors blaring late-night music through paper thin walls or the general smushed-up-against-a-stranger feeling of riding a 6 train. As city-dwellers, we deal with a lot of stress, but it’s worth it to live in the greatest city in the world! At Manhattan Mini Storage, we’re proud to say that there’s no reason you can’t live suburban large in at least one important way.

Storage Units in Manhattan Are:

Very Necessary: With tiny apartments and tinier closets and a human urge to collect more stuff, storage units in Manhattan are important unless you plan to become an ascetic. Whether you’re newly cohabitating or have just maxed out your Visa on a new Spring wardrobe, we say don’t fret your fondness for stuff. Just make room from it in your home away from home – a storage unit!

Multi-Purpose Rooms: If you had a house in Schnectady you might use the attic for old yearbooks, the hall closet for coats, and half the garage for all your sports gear. In a 1-bedroom East Village walkup, you’re lucky if you can fit your bed and your dresser in the same room! Storage units in Manhattan will hold anything you need but can’t fit.

Absolutely Affordable: Well they are if you purchase them from us. We have rates as low as $29/month for storage units in Manhattan – and with 17 locations in the borough, they’re convenient too. Are you already  a customer of ours? You can participate in our Refer a Friend program and put some $ back in your own wallet too!