storage in manhattan

Look what storage in Manhattan can do! Photo: Apartment Therapy

When moving into a new Manhattan apartment, space is always an issue. There’s never enough room for all the stuff you accumulate over a lifetime, and keeping it all organized once you get it in can be a nightmare. When space is a problem, keeping things off the floor and tucked away can make a tiny apartment look (almost) spacious.

Don’t Pile it On!

We found this tidy living space featured on Apartment Therapy. Residents Annie and Paul were delighted to move together into their one-bedroom Upper West Side apartment 2 ½ years ago, and they tackled the space issue like architects. Because that’s what they are. Take a few tips from their experience:

  1. Get vertically inclined. Whether it’s a wall-mounted drop-leaf table for opportunistic dining, a wall organizer for your workspace, or simply knowing when to leave a good wall alone, walls can be your friends. Lifting your pots or knives up off the stove/counter when you’re not using them can help make your cooking area less chaotic. Furniture that folds away neatly when you’re not using it will open up the room significantly
  2. Find fun in multi-functional furniture. Things like coffee tables or bedside tables should always have storage options. One surface isn’t enough! Another NYC apartment must-have: a wall-sized cubed bookcase to hold (and showcase) books, vases, candles, board games, you name it..
  3. Squishy, sprawling sofas are for McMansions. A shoebox-sized Manhattan apartment can only handle so much couch so choose accordingly. Another tip: Get furniture that doesn’t look heavy to keep the room feeling open. Chairs should have some space to see the floor underneath them, and just say no to sleigh-style bed frames.

In your home, what’s your favorite space-saving furniture piece? Enlighten us in the comments below! And remember, a tidy living space can’t happen if you’re cluttered up with stuff. We’ve got seventeen locations to keep your stuff safe and secure. Find storage units in Manhattan near you today!