How to Store Summer Clothes When the Weather Changes!

In the words of Pete Seeger, “To everything, there is a season.  “We’re not totally sure but we think Pete was probably worried about how to transition his summer wardrobe into a fall one! One of the hottest months on record, July, is over and we’re halfway through August. Now is time to start thinking about what to do with all those shorts and sleeveless tops when the weather turns. This fall, get your wardrobe clothes closet ready for cooler temps by saying good-bye to sleeveless tops and Daisy Duke shorts the right way with our how-to store summer clothes guide!

How to Store Summer Clothes for Women

  1. Pick and Choose Your Soldiers. While filmy white dresses are generally passé post-Labor Day not every piece of your summer clothes have to go into hibernation.  Blouses and dresses can sometimes last through fall simply by pairing them with a blazer or tights. Rule of thumb – pack up anything pastel or made from a very thin fabric.
  2. Wash Your Summer Clothes! Fashion Week hasn’t happened yet, but we can guarantee that dirt, food, and drink spills will not be in style next Spring. Wash and dry all of your summer clothes (and swimwear) pre-storage so they’re ready to be fabulous out of the box!
  3. What to Store Summer Clothes In. Determine what size storage bin you’ll need to use to store all your summer clothes. Plastic or metal bins with tight fitting lids work best.
  4. Separate for Success! After you have washed and folded each item, separate each summer clothes by types (i.e. a tub for shirts, one for wraps and light jackets, one for skirts, one for dresses.) If you absolutely have to go digging for that one top in November, you’ll have a better chance of finding it.
  5. Put Formal Aside. Place any formal summer clothes or summer suits you might have into heavy garment bags to hang.  Sigh, wouldn’t it be nice if wrinkle prevention for our skin was this easy?
  6. Keep the Bugs Away! Clean clothes and tight fitting storage lids will do their part but consider  stashing moth balls or cedar chips in your bins to prevent pests from making a doily out of your favorite flirty sundress.
  7. Where to Store Summer Clothes. The most important question to ask yourself when you’re about to store summer clothes for winter is where you plan on putting these clothes. Determine if you have any space under your bed or the bottom of your closets.  If not, you know who to call! We offer great rates on

You are now extremely prepared for the months ahead knowing that your summer clothes are safely stored till next year.  Now go have some hot apple cider to celebrate.