We’re in the thick of it: ski season! Whether you’re headed to the Catskills, Vermont or even New Jersey, we know you want to make sure your skis are protected between trips. Here are five quick tips for cleaning and storing your skis or snowboards.

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Fully spray your skis to get off all the grime and gunk. Don’t force the water into the bindings. Stay away from detergents and degreasers. They’ll just degrade the binding lubricant. If you get a gooey mass on the base, use a bit of citrus solvent on a cloth.



Storage wax is protects the base of your skis from oxygen. Your skis’ bases are made from polyethylene and are vulnerable to oxidation. You can get it done by a pro, or melt that wax yourself. Here’s how. Properly wax your skis, and you’ll keep them looking shiny and new.



If you’re wrapping up for the season, take your skis in for a full tune up. Are you game to go hands on and tune them yourself? Watch this eight-part video on edge sharpening, detuning contact points, and p-tex repairs.



Pull the liners. Buckle loosely, so they hold their shape. Check the heels and toes. And if you’re a snowboarder, examine the laces.

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That’s where we come in. You want a cool, dry place, which Manhattan Mini Storage just happens to be! Once you’ve got them in your storage room, place them in a neutral position. Don’t hang your skis by the tips between two dowels or compressing the camber by breaks or straps.


Remember: We’re happy to pick you up curbside for a free ride to your storage room when you get back from the slopes, and you always have access to your skis whenever you need them. If you are interested in ski storage or storage in Manhattan please visit our website.