College students face a lot of pressure this time of year. Final exams are on the way, and students are doing their best to cram. But there’s another kind of cramming they worry about, too — namely, where on earth are they going to cram all their stuff for the summer?

The vast majority of people attending New York City universities have to change their living quarters from year to year, which means summer semester can post a stressful quandary: If I’m a student, how the heck am I going to get all my stuff packed up, moved out of my old dorm, stored somewhere for the summer and moved back to my new dorm in the fall? And how much is that going to cost me?

Fortunately, we have a simple, low-cost-solution for students of Columbia/Barnard and New York University. If you attend one of those universities, our sister company, Manhattan Mini Storage on Wheels, will pick up your stuff from a location near your dorm, store it in New York City for the entire summer, and deliver it to your new dorm in the fall… all for one low flat rate of $200!

Just think — all your summer moving and storage needs taken care of, so you can go enjoy your summer — whether you’re studying abroad, working a summer job or internship or just getting some much-needed R & R by the shore. And unlike other storage companies, MMS On Wheels stores right here in New York City. So you don’t have to wonder where your stuff is hiding out all summer.

So what are you waiting for? Solve your summer storage needs immediately by clicking on, or call 212-STORAGE today. And good luck on those final exams!

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