Temporary Storage SolutionDon’t Miss This Short Season – Take Advantage of Our Temporary Storage Solutions in Manhattan!

If hitting the slopes on skis hasn’t jazzed you up yet this season, maybe you’re just not doing it extreme enough. As part of our fantasy Store N Split, we ask: what if you packed up your stuff into temporary storage and spent the next few months riding pure powder peaks under the Northern Lights? Here’s why that would be so cool…dude.

Pack Up Your Stuff, Head Out for a Natural Adrenaline High

What exactly is heliskiing? It’s off-trail downhill skiing on slopes that are only accessible via helicopter meaning you get pristine, strikingly beautiful conditions that most people never get to experience.  Think long descents, untouched powder, and  some extremely steep slopes.

Helisking operates similarly to the way traditional skiing excursion would but instead of a lift depositing you at the top of your run, it’s a helicopter. Most places will give you between five and twelve runs per day, and you’ll go with a guide.

Heliskiing in Alaska was named one of the Travel Channels best places to visit in February for a good reason. The Chugach Mountains are in 500 km of breathtakingly beautiful terrain, home to the World Extreme Skiing Championship which is held this March. The super short heliskiing season runs only 12 weeks, from February to the end of April, so no time to book multiple trips. If you really want to live the ski bum fantasy adventure, pack up your stuff in temporary storage and ride out the rest of the winter heliskiing to your hearts content.

We Offer You a Safe Place to Stash Your Stuff

You won’t have to worry about whether your lovely roommate wearing your favorite tshirts or slleping in your bed while you carve up the Alaskan slopes. Manhattan Mini Storage’s temporary storage solutions offer you a  safe place to keep your furniture, clothes, and whatever else you’re not taking on your epic adventure – for as little as $29 a month. Only got a few boxes worth of keepsakes? Try our new On Wheels box delivery storage program. Call 212-STORAGE to find out more information today!