charity mealHelping To Feed the Hungry This Holiday Season

FeedingNYC’s efforts to feed the homeless and those less fortunate have not gone unnoticed since its inception in 2001, during the Thanksgiving following September 11th.  And as you would expect, FeedingNYC is back at it and has plans to provide Thanksgiving meals for over two thousand needy families.  They began their noble undertaking with helping out 40 families—2000+ is an enormous increase in a mere 8 years!.  Their strategy is simple:  they work with and gain ‘intel’ from other charity organizations (Salvation Army, Center Against Domestic Violence, Women in Need, and more) to determine how and where they can help the most people; and the charity volunteers select the appropriate facilities accordingly.

Manhattan Mini Storage, along with other businesses, is pitching in to help the charity volunteers.   FeedingNYC is dependent upon the generosity of local enterprises (as well as the program founder LivePerson, Inc.) to help keep needy families afloat, and we are more than happy to have the opportunity to do our part. 

You can lend a hand to feeding the homeless as well by visiting  If you happen to be the owner of a business, or have some clout with the owners of the business you work for, definitely take a moment to see how your enterprise can get involved and increase the number of families assisted still more.  Every contribution counts, especially when it comes to feeding the hungry and ensuring that those who otherwise would not have the opportunity to enjoy a holiday meal with their families will, instead, have the chance to do so.  FeedingNYC is, as many have indeed noticed, a fine example of what the holidays are supposed to be about; and we here at MMS are proud to provide support to their Thanksgiving volunteers.