Photo by MMadden

Better Homes and Gardens Says, Think Pink!

Decorating a New York apartment can be tricky. For one thing, there are the usual space and budget limitations. (Check out our newest commercial “New York is Tough” for more on the pitfalls and payoffs of living in NYC.) But for those who refuse to say “can’t,” take an example from Better Homes & Gardens!

Add Chic, Not Clutter, to a New York Apartment!

This West Village apartment has a couple of how-tos that anyone in Manhattan can use when planning their stylish and fun apartment.

1. Colors that are muted and calm can have a space-opening effect on a room but go all-pastel and suddenly you’re the shredded wheat side of the cereal! You can give the room a little “frosting” of an accent color to help the space feel more personable. Note the pale blue, pink and grey colors dominate the walls and furniture in this area – but are livened up with spring green blankets, pillows and vases.

2. It helps that the room is not cluttered!  When decorating a New York apartment, think like an editor. You must pair it down to the bare essentials that make sense. In this living room, though “hand-me-downs, gifts, and flea market and antique store finds” are displayed on the table tops and walls, they are limited to a few per area. If you have too many treasures, rotate them monthly or seasonally.

3. Remember this line, “Fabric-covered cushions serve as extra seating … When the evening is over, they can be stacked and kept in a neat pile out of the way.” Having a place for everything and putting it away is the best way to keep your apartment chic. Let’s just assume no one wants to have dinner at one of the Hoarders houses, mmmkay? If you don’t have a place for everything, then why not bring it to our place? With over 17 locations in Manhattan, we’re surely more convenient than begging your neighbor for use of their bathtub to stash magazines in every time you have a guest.

Okay, we did our breakdown – now it’s your turn! Do you like the way Better Homes & Gardens styled this apartment? What are some of you own suggestions be for glamming up an otherwise ho-hum New York Apartment? Tell us in the comments below!