The New Manhattan Mini Storage Ads Are Here!

It’s been a long (VERY long), cold winter, and you’ve been more than patient. But finally, we are pleased to announce that a whole new crop of Manhattan Mini Storage ads are headed to a Manhattan billboard and a subway car near you! In addition to all-new messaging, the ads have a brand new look and color scheme than the ones you’ve seen up over the past year. We think you’re going to like ‘em… and we hope you do!

You should see the new ads popping up all over New York City in over the next couple weeks, but we’re happy to give you an exclusive sneak peak of one of them right here. We feel  the message is highly appropriate, given the increasingly digital age we’re all living in… not to mention the number of horror stories we hear daily from people who have lost all their valuable data and information because they didn’t have hard copy backups:




What do you guys think of it? We love getting your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus! And don’t forget to call us at 800-STORAGE or visit us at if you’re as weary of the Cloud as we are and want to store all your important papers.

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