The Hottest New Thing on the Block is Something you have Stored Away!

There is that saying what goes around, comes around. It’s awful true for fashion. Just take a look at the return of leg warmers, white trimmed jogging shorts with gym socks, “Dirty Dancing” cut off jean shorts and dare we say it, spandex. The most embarrassing and haunting look from your childhood is being reused, recycled and sought after by the younger generations probably for the same reasons people took part in those trends back when; it’s neato daddy o, it’s hip, it’s totally awesome, it’s cool, it’s phat, it’s sick, it’s killer.

Childhood Memories and Things Forgotten are in Great Demand.

With everything done digital and as the “now” generation gathering even more speed to live in the moment, the backlash is that “low fi” is now unexpected and therefore; really, really cool.

It’s bigger than retro induced amusement really. Some of these items have been more than completely forgotten about by younger generations. In truth, the kids these days actually have NO IDEA what half the stuff is and if they manage to guess it; they are amazed that these primitive tools actually functioned and allowed people to go about their daily living.

Take the 45 Record Adapter for Exampletwenty-45-record-adapters

Long before the days of iTunes and MP3’s, music was held in a tangible material object and had to be coaxed from the confines of it’s vinyl encasement.  Back in those days a “record player” was the method of choice to make the musical noise and a very small, but necessary, accessory was the 45 record adapter.

Sometimes made of metal, but often in colorful plastic, this needed musical tool made the larger center hole of the smaller 45 record fit the smaller center hole of the larger sized records. No it didn’t make much sense. We don’t know why they just didn’t make them all the same size. It’s just the way it was. The fact is, we all had these gadgets and they were a part of life just as today everyone needs earphones for their iTunes and MP3’s.


Now, Pure Novelty and Often Forgotten.oldagetest-2


Just for fun show a 45 record adapter to a younger person and ask them what it is. Now, the knowledge of this plastic piece is now a sign of age.


For instance, this guy pictured here, not only had to explain to everyone younger than 30 in his office what was on his shirt, but when a colleague posted a picture to FaceBook (with an iphone of course!), the reminiscing and debate went on forever. If you would like to inspire your own debates, you could order an unknown adapter shirt like our charming model for yourself.



Plug and Play with the Stack-o-Matic!stack-o-matic-urban


Another sign that all things vinyl are found to be most charmingly interesting is the return of the Stack-o-matic.

Currently being sold only online at the trend makers at Urban Outfitters, this memorable Crosley Stack-O-Matic Wood grain Turntable is a perfect example of low fit perfection. Never mind having to Google the software updates, download the latest version and then plug in your USB cables, it is advertised with these instructions: Plug into any outlet and play!



What’s more, now, for full flash back effect, they also are selling ALBULMS as in real vintage vinyl. Qu’est-ce que c’est indeed.   The best part though, is to watch a young one be truly amazed by the sheer sophistication of the technology.  It’s almost as weird as a phone with a CORD! Or a letter that comes from the mailman.

Get Out of the Closet & Re-Discover Your Younger, Cooler Self 


Bottom line, if you are feeling kind of old and out of touch around the water cooler or your teenager kids are just not relating to you at all, start rummaging through the forgotten recess of your closets or dig out some dusty boxes in your Manhattan Mini Storage units.  Give your lowfi, non digital, technology a quick cleanup with some Windex and be proud to show it off.  And if you find something else really neat-o, give Urban Outfitters a buzz.. they found the market for things you were thinking you should have gotten rid of a lifetime ago.


Plus, it will help rationalize to your significant other that there really was a reason you could not have parted with all your old childhood stuff; it really truly was cool.