Let’s say, Nick and Katie share a 450 square foot one-bedroom in the West Village. Two people plus minimal closet space means that clutter is almost always an issue. Random stuff like stacks of mail or the blender get left out since there’s nowhere else to put them.

As they look at their options, the free shuttle from Manhattan Mini Storage wins them over. They call ahead to schedule a pickup time and the shuttle takes them and all of their stuff to their new storage unit. No cab fare, no renting a truck, no headache.

Room by room, Nick and Katie are able to transform their apartment into a minimalist dream party space – even the Swedes would approve.

An Organized Kitchen

Their kitchen was messy as hell. But they live in the West Village, not Hell’s Kitchen – something needed to be done.

Katie is into cooking 24/7 and has filled their apartment to the brim with every kitchen appliance under the sun. Their stand-up mixer, blender, and giant dish rack, along with their small table and chairs, are all transported out of the way.

Now they can convert their kitchen counter into a bar and give their guests room to actually hang out. They can invest in a set of 16 wine glasses and a punch bowl because they know they can keep them in storage after the party is over.

The closet? You mean that spring-loaded death trap jam-packed full of clutter?

Instead of having their guests put all of their belongings on Nick and Katie’s bed (hello, NYC street germs!) they can clear out the entire hall closet. Guests can actually hang their coats and bags, offering more room to hang out – a luxury that also keeps the apartment from looking cluttered during the party.

All they had to do was load their winter coats, holiday decorations, and tool box into the free storage shuttle. Everything was out of the way and made them look way more organized than they really are. Who in NYC has an entire open closet?

Storing their big, bulky furniture took Nick and Katie from living dead back to living room in no time.

The idea of packing 20 people into their living room scares Katie.

Their sectional sofa and huge coffee table – usually perfect for lounging and Seamless – leaves no room for people to dance. Nick and Katie can load them both into the storage shuttle and BOOM…a dance floor! Initiate the Robot and Electric Slide.

With just a couple of simple rides to their storage unit, Nick and Katie would be able to convert their cozy West Village apartment into a bar, complete with coat check and dance floor, all without having to actually get rid of anything.