A messy closet can be very intimidating

Yet, there comes a time that everyone must tackle the task at hand.  messy_closetCloset organization can lead to a better quality of life as you can more easily find what you are looking for, spend less time looking for stored items, feel less frustrated during those last minute rushes to get out the door, plus crossing the task of “closet organization” feels pretty good.

This blog entry, “Tales of Never-ending Woe from a Messy Closet“, has a great description of the common feelings we experience when we are dealing with a messy closet:

So, I was getting ready for a recent party, having a frantic fit. I COULD NOT find the outfit I wanted. After tearing out the entire contents of my closet, I realized that perhaps it was in my car, because I had let a friend borrow it at some point and things people give me back in bags tend to disappear there. 

Sound familiar? Then you know it is time!

There are many tips, tools, books, videos and closet organizers that will make the job of cleaning a closet easier.

For instance, there is a whole series of free videos from Pete D’Alessandro who was formerly the Project Manager on TLC’s “Clean Sweep”.  There are 14 alone that talk about how to organize and clean out your bedroom closet!  Here’s a teaser of the series: 

Closet Organization

The World of Closet Organizer

metal-closet-organizerWhile you can surely hire a professional closet organizer to do the dirty work for you, there are many storage units available at big box stores nationally.   It’s nice to find a particular name brand or simple style of closet organization unit that like visually and meets the needs of your messy closet. You can start with a basic unit and continue to ad on as your organization increases over time.

For visual and user friendly appeal, a smart unit like this metal closet organizer can really start you on the right path. With wheels for easy movement and a simple dust cover, you could even use a unit like this to move winter and summer clothing back and forth from your Manhattan Mini Storage Unit. Two units like this means all you have to do is trade out the units seasonally!

Not everyone has the same things in their closets!

A shoe addict will have vastly different closet needs than a sports authority. A serious sweater collection needs to be stored and organized in a different way than Wall Street suits and ties.  Before you go buying cute shelves and bins, take stock of what you have and realistically consider how much space you require for those items.

  • Thirty pairs of pumps will be just as equally annoying if they are stuffed in a shoe rack made to hold 18.
  • A sweater rack with 8 spaces becomes a waste if really; you only have three big bulky foldable items.
  • Maybe every girl does want a dedicated purse area, but what’s the point if you have one bag and you really throw it down on the sofa every day after you walk through the door.

So here’s your Closet Cleaning mission:

 Should you choose to accept it, go take a picture of your closet in all its glorious mess and terror of disorganization. Then get crackin’. Clean and organize that closet and let us know:

What was the most surprising thing you found in your closet? Does it have a story behind it? Did you dump, keep it, store it? What did you throw out? What can you just not bare to part with? What moved into your public storage unit?

Then take a picture of the final result please! And share it with us on our Facebook page!  We’ll take the best “before and afters” here and show them off on the blog!