Easy Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You get Started

See that thing up there in the sky? It’s round and bright and seems to radiate a sort of energy? That, my friends, is the sun. For reals! It’s been a while, right?! So let’s welcome the return of that sweet, glowing orb with one of the more primitive of human rituals – the spring clean.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Before you get all crazy and start dumping your drawers out willy nilly – remember, spring cleaning is best approached with a plan. And at least a few packing boxes. And, if you’re lucky, a small army of helper monkeys.

So, let’s take a look at what you will need to kick off a proper spring cleaning: spring-cleaning-tips

  • A Good Chunk o’ Time. Now, you don’t have to do your sun-inspired purge all at once, but you do need enough time to allow for distractions like going through each and every one of those crappy old magazines you swore you would read. Should you be the sentimental type, add extra time for pouring over that old cache of ex-boyfriend/girlfriend pics and college diaries as you weep silently and contemplate what might have been. (Note: that guy/girl was NEVER good enough for you! Remember that time he/she hit on your best friend at your birthday party? Let him/her go!)
  • Cleaning Supplies. Paper towels, cleaning products, a bunch of clean rags, etc…And, depending on the state of your apartment, maybe so lovely fresh-smelling environmentally correct cleaners OR an industrial strength degreaser/flamethrower.
  • Tunage. Get in the groove to get that dirt moved. Load up your iPod with an inspirational spring cleaning playlist. But make it a Pink Floyd free zone as it is technically impossible to clean while listening to “Comfortably Numb”.
  • Help: One of the unfortunate masses sadly bereft of well-trained helper monkeys? (Yeah…us, too. But not for lack of trying.) Why not recruit your friends? Or your kids? Or your friends’ kids? Whoever you can entice into helping with the promise of pizza and/or beer and/or a year supply of lollipops and pecan pie or whatever the kids are into these days.

And…last, but certainly not least, spring cleaning calls for…

An Exit Strategy: So, where’s this stuff going to go? Recycle what you can. Toss what you can’t recycle. Donate what you don’t want. And for those winter jackets, tear-jerking mementos (seriously – he/she was a jerk – quit romanticizing!), beloved childhood slinky collections, etc…there is, of course, a self storage unit. And you know where to go for that.

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