college-move-in-dayWhat to do After You Drop off Your Freshman

With the summer’s end rapidly approaching, any household with a child entering university this fall is probably all wound up getting ready to pack up, prep, worry and send off their bright and shiny student.  After all the words of advice have been repeated and your kid is established in their tiny dorm and roommates are friends for life, proud parents return to their homes and the question becomes:

What to do Now with Your Teens Room?

Despite the size of their dorm room, your kid probably crammed all their world possessions into it. Often, what you now have left is a shell of the room’s former self.  They probably left the dirty laundry and often a full on mess behind, so cleaning the space up is always an option for hygiene reasons. After that however, we must confront the fact that in base case scenario, that’s it; your child might never be coming back.

Before we get an attack of Empty Nest Syndrome, however, think of the bright side.

This is NYC, after all, and real estate space is a premium even in your own home.

There are some parents who maintain the children’s rooms as a shine to childhood long after the kids are gone.  There are some who quickly take over and redo the space; claiming it their own and creating offices or guest rooms or exercise areas. 

Realistically speaking a middle ground is often the best bet.

If you get rid of all your college bound kids things, there is a very good chance they will get upset. Even if they left tons of stuff behind, it is still their stuff, in their room, in their home. If parents desire to maintain a relationship, throwing out even the most frayed Britney Spears posters form 12 years ago, are grounds for trouble. Still, you KNOW they don’t really WANT that old poster, or the too small roller blades, or their 7th grade science fair project crumbling in the back of their closets. Hence, the quandary: 

The Best Parental Advice: Let Manhattan Mini Storage Come to Your Rescue!

We know you are busy enjoying your new found freedom! Between work and life or maybe more kids at home that keep you busy, who has time for this big and often emotionally taxing project? Give our Storage Advisor Services a call and not only will they come to your space and help. They will bring you boxes and supplies and arrange it all.

This way, you can clean out all the stuff that your teen will never let you throw out, but will never really need again. Just pack it all up and put it in one on Manhattan Mini Storages convenient 17 locations.  Now you can clean the room, still keeping it your “now adult” freshman style. Make it more of a guest room for them when they come home.  Keep the extra clothes about, the best of the mementos, but a grown up, and sleek and clean space that won’t look so odd if dad’s computer desk moved in, or mom’s reading library.

You have use of a clean pleasant space, you feel more like a parent than a warehouse, you kid still has a place to call home and all that junk in storage?

When your child graduates college, hand them the storage key as a present!