Basic Tips For Moving … Even For The Pros

Moving tips come in handy for the first-time movers.  But experts at the art of moving, may also find these tips for moving to be useful.  As they say, there is always room for improvement!  Especially when you’re making a life-changing decision, you have a lot on your mind besides the actual moving part.  So here are some moving tips and also a few packing tips for moving to remember when you embark on the next phase of your lives…

Moving Tips Checklist

Moving Tip #1 – Have a checklist

When there is so much to do and so little time to do it – as is often the case – having a moving tips checklist in addition to a list of things to do and pack in the process helps to organize your thoughts.  It also helps to plan ahead to avoid the all too common scenario of last-minute packing madness.

Moving Tip #2 – Gather as many boxes, newspapers, or bubble wrap® as possible

If you don’t know where to start, this is the best place. Try going to grocery stores, liquor stores or nearby restaurants and ask if you can take some boxes off their hands or buy moving supplies including boxes made  for the purpose of moving..  Experienced movers may confirm that you can never have too many boxes!  It’s better to have more boxes that are easier to carry rather than fewer boxes that are extremely heavy.  Also, having filling such as bubble wrap® makes for easy packing.

Moving Tip #3 – Start separating items to “Keep”, “Scrap” or “Store”

If you think that you’ll have a significant number of items that you would rather throw out, consider getting a truck for these garbage items.  You could rent the truck for a day, take a trip to the local dump, and save quite a bit of money.  And for items that you’d like to store simply put them in color-coded boxes for moving – our next moving tip. If it’s not a keep or a dump item, but falls somewhere in between, then  a self storage unit might be just the ticket until you know for sure if you need the item or are ready to part with it.

Moving Tip #4 – Mark boxes with stickers

Attaching stickers or brightly-colored labels to boxes based on which room they are to go in makes the actual moving process so much smoother. If friends or full service moving companies are helping you, they will easily know which boxes go where.

Moving Tip #5 – Leave a note with your name and new address for stray mail

Oftentimes, mail may still get sent to your old address so if the new home-dwellers have your current address, they can simply forward your mail to you.

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