Recently, we came across this great article in the New York Times called Getting Set to Spin about vinyl fanatics in New York City and the resurgence of 45-playing they’ve spawned from the Battery to the Bronx.  In it, Bill Yawien talks about his 4,000 strong vinyl record collection and how he had commandeered a Manhattan Mini Storage unit for their safekeeping. It was another reminder that our customers have all sorts of treasures they look to us to keep protected.

For all the Bills out there who are looking to keep their LPs in pristine condition, we’ve got some tips on vinyl record storage for you.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Vinyl Record Storage

  • Do Double Up The Protection. That means a paper sleeve and a cardboard jacket to fend off dust, dirt, and scratches for your precious Prince.
  • Don’t Turn Up the Heat. High temps can quickly Velveeta your LPs so a climate-controlled storage area is essential for proper vinyl record storage at home.
  • Don’t Let the Sunshine In. Sunlight, like heat, can cause melted vinyl which will totally ruin your Led Zeppelin collection faster than you can say “Ten Years Gone.”
  • Do Stand and Deliver. Horizontal vinyl record storage means records are pressed atop each other which means warped grooves. For long-lasting grooviness, stand records up completely vertical (no leaning) while storing them.
  • Do Give Em Some Room. Cramming records next to each other is also a no-no. The bottom line? Put records “under pressure” and you’ll cause a sound distortion that would make Bowie cringe.
  • Don’t Overlook the Classics. There’s a reason you see so many people opting for plastic crates over shelving with vinyl record storage. They’re the perfect size, durable, stackable, and can be found on the cheap!
  • Do Check For Drips. Storing records at home requires some location planning. Put ’em somewhere damp like your basement can lead to moldy records. (That’s not the same as the Moldy Peaches.) The best place will be leak-free and insulated – like a hallway closet.
  • Don’t Throw Out Your Springsteen. Or your Run DMC. Or any other album you love just because you don’t have the space. Our climate-controlled, affordable storage units are clean, tidy, and a great place for vinyl record storage. Just call our storage advisors at 212-Storage today for rates and quotes.