Last week we showed you the new Manhattan Mini Storage Ads that you can see on billboards and subway cars all around the city right now! One of our ads caught the attention of a lot of people in the city, including the New York Times who wrote this post about it on their Bats blog. Here’s an excerpt from the blog:

Stacy Stuart, vice president for marketing for Manhattan Mini Storage, said the company is “definitely counting on people who love the Mets also loving to poke a little fun at them.” She said employees at the company root for a variety of teams, but “personally I know the pain of being a true Mets fan!”

Photo by Joesh Labotnik

And just to reiterate that there’s plenty more Mets love circling around the Manhattan Mini Storage offices, we figured we could spotlight some of our other die-hard Mets fan employees too. We asked what they love about their team and here’s a compilation of all their answers:

  1. Doc Gooden, Daryl Strawberry, Tom Seaver, Mike Piazza, David Wright.
  2. Three words: Keith Hernandez’s mustache.
  3. We will always have the 1986 World Series.
  4. Everyone looks good in Orange + Blue.
  5. Does any mascot in the form of a bobblehead doll have better team spirit than Mr. Met? You show us one.
  6. How many love stories start: “We met watching the Mets.” You can’t get that same feeling from “We knicked watching the Knicks.”
  7. Shea Stadium. It was awesome and we had it.
  8. There were a lot of great mustaches at Shea Stadium.
  9. We’ve now got Shake Shack, Blue Smoke, Korean fried chicken, frites, sushi, local microbrews and more to devour at Citifield.
  10. “It’s awesome to be a New Yorker. It’s even more awesome to be a New Yorker who didn’t hop on the blue-and-white big money bandwagon.”

There you have it folks – ten reasons some of us love the Mets. And to the all the other Mets fans out there we say hey, it’s a joke and we hope you’re laughing. If not, we make this promise to you. If the Yankees have a 7.5 game lead in their division this 2011 season, which they then lose over the final 17 games, only to be knocked out of playoff chances by giving up seven runs in the first inning in the deciding game, our next ad will definitely poke fun at them.