Last week one of our favorite websites, Buzzfeed, posted a list of 44 Things You Learn Very Quickly After Moving To NYC, which was both hilarious and spot-on. Among some of our favorites from the list:


There is no such thing as a no-fee apartment.

Brooklyn and Queens really do have more space

…and Manhattan really doesn’t have any. At all.

 If a packed subway rolls by, and you see an empty car, you didn’t just make an amazing discovery.

Houston Street is pronounced “how-ston,” not “hew-ston.”

Calling someone “bridge and tunnel” is just about the worst insult there is.

When in doubt, wear black.

Slow-walking tourists are the worst.



The post got us thinking about all the other things people really should know before moving to NYC.


Have an Actual Plan

As Carrie Bradshaw (and many others before her) once said,  “In New York, you’re always looking for a job, a boyfriend or an apartment.” Before you pack your bags and head to Gotham, you are truly advised to have at least one of these three. Yes, we live in the greatest city on earth, but it’s not the easiest city to adapt to. So if you come with a job or a living space already secured — or a solid relationship in place — or, if you’re disgustingly lucky, all three — you’re way ahead of the game. Moving to New York with zero for three, it won’t be long before you’re financially and emotionally drained.


Don’t Use a “Man With a Van”

You’re moving all your precious belongings to a strange new city. Do you want them to arrive safely? Then don’t pick your mover off Craig’s List. Instead, do some research and find a fully licensed and bonded mover, get a moving estimate so you know  how much the move will cost, and pack all your stuff with attention and care, using the right kind of boxes and packing supplies. (And don’t forget that Manhattan Mini Storage offers our own licensed, insured and bonded moving services in Manhattan.)


Choose a Roommate Who’s Not Insane

Seriously. We can’t stress this enough. Yes, there any number of websites where you can find strangers to room with, including the aforementioned Craig’s List. But your safest bet is to room with someone with whom you’re socially connected — a friend of a friend or relative, or at least someone you’ve gotten to know well via Facebook or Google Plus. If you know a person’s habits, history and temperament (including his or her financial stability), you’re less likely to deal with nightmare situations later on. Trust us — we’ve heard them all.


Get a Room… a Storage Room

OK, maybe we’re biased. But truly, you’ll enjoy coming home to your apartment at the end of the day so much more if you’re not walking into a big, disorganized, cluttered mess. But that’s not the only reason to rent a storage unit in NYC. When you store with Manhattan Mini Storage, you get free package acceptance. What does that mean, and why is it important? Well, let’s say you live in Greenwich, CT: The UPS or FedEx guy comes to your house to deliver a package, and nobody’s home. What does he do? He leaves it there on your front stoop for you.

That’s not how it is in the Big Apple, folks. Unless you have a doorman, when you’re not home for NYC deliveries — and when is anyone EVER home Monday through Friday, between 8AM and 6PM? — the delivery guy leaves you a little note letting you know he tried to deliver your package. Then he drives away with the package.  But with Manhattan Mini Storage‘s free package acceptance, just have your packages shipped to your NYC storage location. We’ll sign for it and hold onto it for you, and you can pick it up anytime you’re ready. Problem solved.

We also offer a free Storage Taxi to transport you and your small stuff from your apartment to your storage location, and free Wi-Fi in all our lobbies. You may even qualify for a free move! So before you even set foot in the big city, give us a call at 212-STORAGE or visit our website at to get yourself set up.


Dress the Part

Honestly, black really does go with everything. See you on the subway, doll.