rolling rack with shelfYou live in NYC, which probably means you’re an achiever. A Type-A (or at least B+) personality, if you will. You’ve made the choice to store your things to make your life cleaner, simpler, easier.


But what if we told you that you’re missing out? That your storage experience could be SO. MUCH. BETTER? Is your eye starting to twitch a little? We bet it is.


Luckily, the secret to perfect storage is readily available… and free! We’re talking rolling racks and shelving to customize your space. And, used wisely, they can transform your storage—helping you treat your things with respect and organize like a champ.


If you love your clothes, you’ll love rolling racks. The first free rack can easily accommodate your high school prom dress, your grandmother’s vintage caftan collection, that designer suit you’re going to fit back into someday and more!


Shelving, we’re sure you’ll agree, is a no-brainer. Shelves help you make the most of the space you have, while keeping your boxes neat, tidy and easy to find. You can even color-code your boxes – making lovely, cheerful, color-blocked works of art out of each storage shelf. (That last bit is for those true overachievers in the audience.)


And what about those true power-users of the storage set? The shop-owners, lawyers, producers, photographers, marketers and more? Those types can use our free rolling racks to store their clothing, inventory or costumes; and they can use our free shelving to organize legal documents, video and photography equipment, collateral and swag.


Remember—rolling racks are smart and civilized. They’re what separates humans from the squirrels, allowing us to organize and customize, rather than of randomly stuffing objects into a tree. (Okay—that metaphor was lame, but you get the idea.) And because your first racks and shelves are on us, there’s no excuse not to get in there and transform your storage into the space you’ve always dreamed of.


Now go rack, stack, and store ‘em, tiger!

Ready to make some space at home? Reserve a storage room online!